russia : notes

After communism: Round trip to democracy.


The reek of Russia's breath -- vodka, cheap vine which doesn't exit anywhere but in Russia. "Gift of Sun," the name of this one littre bottle. Something else, Russians smoke bad cigarettes, they even didn't know how bad is bad till American cigarettes came on Russian market. They all smoke, they have a national, not individual reasons for smoking. Oh yes, Russian teeth. This is another story.

And a performance in St. Petersburg when they got dressed up in XVIII century clothes with white wigs and white faces, covered with silk and venetian laces (description from Costume book).

St.Pete, the second capital, 6 million big, but a city, not Russia. Advantage, not Moscow - the capital where picture is different from the rest of the country by definition.

"Rasha" -- not Rossia, not Russia, but Rasha and evven "Rashka," diminutive, made out of English word. Something small, something pitiful, not in translation but rusification. You would not call yesterday's comrades "gentlemen" and you would not call what this country was today with a name "Russia".


What he wanted for Russia was "bad death." Not an easy death, but a painful one. He wanted the country to be punished the way Jews were paying for two thousand years for one betrayed son. People should be hold responsible. The last Russian myth - the people, the poor and the weak. "Do ask what you country did to you. Ask you country, man, ask."


Russia is big? Too bad. Too bad for Russia. Her problems are big. It will be difficult for her to get better. Big is a liability, not an asset. Politically Russia still made no choices. Russia has no habit of choosing.


Russians: the swing of moods... cruel as they were crude

Hallucinations, the nation under the spell.

Russian man: the art of evasion, he wants to be left alone


"If God dies, we still have St.Nicholas." Patron of Russia known in the west as Santa Claus.


"You don't have any country. We don't know the word. That's the meaning to be Soviet."


"What I lived through you'll experience ten, fifty, hundred years from now. You'll have no answers, nobody to help."


New Russia: Migration and Immigration. Afghanistan war wasn't over. Russia will fight its lost war with her own people.


Athletes = bandits: Culture of Liberated Slaves.


He took plastic battle from a bag -- a radioactive plutonium.

"Don't you have money?" they looked at him. "Are you an American? Americans all have money. What kind of America you are if you don't have money?"

"I'm not American, I'm Russian!"

"You're from New York. They said, you are with some foundation. They said, Americans. Where are the Americans?"

"We're the fund. Why do you think that you should get the money?"

"What do you mean? You don't have money?"


"He is a president of the company."

"All now are presidents!"


Russian Church had raise its head, making money selling real estate under the charity cover. Children, western aid distribution, Russian Federation Society of blind and deaf.

They all want to sell real estate properties which never belonged to them.

Spiritual monstrosity; how ugly they are.


Cossacks - Ataman Bulan, moustache, old czarist unifform, knot at his belt, sable, White Russian army silver crosses for bravery. Came from Bosnya.

To congressmen: "Give us a new law for a week or so and than you can forget it. Give me a new law each week and nobody would pay any attention to law."

"That's what we do."


Nikolai Glazunov, artist and scoundrel. "I'll arrange a meeting for you with some people you need to see to understand what's going on in Russia."

"What people?"

"The future of Russia. You'll meet them now, the world will know them tomorrow."

Popular Russian writer, Kozhinov.

Russians all play guitar.


Did they send the icons to the lab? When?


Russian lady architect building a house for Soltzinitsin, green light by the president for shipping supplies and we're getting from Finland everything. His return should cost him. Nothing for free.

"How much?"

"How much did he get? We'll take it all. It's already over a million."


"Who talks rubles in New Russia. "Wooden currency" is for the slaves on the streets. To let them think that they have money too.


Her father funeral? PARENTS, see family. Who came to Fokin's garve?


"The Russian Idea." Not Soviet or Communist, but in the open -- the mafia idea which was behind them all that time.

(Speech, writing? To whom?)


Valentin Kozinov, the ideologue, close to the government, a man behind the clown Zhirinovsky. He waited for his time to come for thirty years.

"What do you call `mafia'?"

"Everything is Russia."


"It our time to concur the world. Holy Russia had its mission. Remember, the Church, Communists? They had preached it, we'll accomplish."

"Do you think this Cold War was for nothing? It's us against them. Not two super-powers, not this bullshit. It's bad people against good people; us against Americans who believe that man is good. Let them discuss the evils of capital punishment, let them have millions lawyers and loans. We don't need it. We believe in evil man and that's our right and power over them."

"I'm not interested in America. I'm busy with Russia. Whatever is good for Russia is good. Period."

Foma -- Thomas


New World Order of Cold Peace. Wining the Cold War became a disaster.

New Millennium: class structure restored. End of equality. Aristocracy not by birth but by accomplishment and -- slaves. Slaves will have technology to serve them, new domestic animals. End of communism, democracy the way we know it.



Island "Russia." Getting smaller and smaller. Atlantida. Getting under water. City Kizhi went under. Russia had drown in times. Every country was an island. Each of us is an island even more now. Because there are no country-islands anymore. Big island "Russia" is gone. It was another century.