Filini's "Amarcord" is full of love.  My "Remembering" is full of pain...  He walked into his past to stand his present.


     Last seconds of his life?  He recalls his past, down to moment of his conception.  Scenes, flash backs; how he understood for the first time that he wouldn't be able to live in Russia -- Two Tatyanas and the Army Theatre.  Love in prison, how do slaves love?


     Does he paint the past?  Behind every picture is a story.  How much they can understand about him looking at his paintings?  Dark colors, a lot of red.  Compositions.  How past and present time change each other?


     Style -- frames, picture, static.


     Strangers idea: in paradise we all are brothers and sisters, and any stranger could kill you.  What the hell.  How to build a plot for such a story?

     Miracle is abnormal event.  Of course you have to believe in it.  Broken families, divorced rate, juvenile crime, drugs -- this is normal, opposite is a miracle.